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Affiliate Program for Thai-Florist-Dating-Expats-Travel-Asian Websites

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by TheSyndicate, Jan 10, 2008.

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    I have an affiliate program for my Thailand flowers website.
    It will give you 1-20 $ for every flower sold from our website.

    You have 20 dollars to give away as a discount coupon on your blog, website, coupon site or what ever site you like.

    If you want to give away $1 dollar coupon then you keep $19.We sold over 100 flowers last valentine and I am intending to break that record this year.
    You get paid when we get paid and flowers are delivered.

    Pay Pal after payment from customer
    Western Union when you reached 100 $

    We have over 10 different banners and we can create one with your coupon code as well.

    Trivial fact
    Most of our customer are repeating customer so they will use your code more then once to get the same discount. We have the best prices on the market with a low price guarantee.


    Thailandflowersdelivery dot com

    If you have any questions please post it here. If you like to join in please send me a PM
    TheSyndicate, Jan 10, 2008 IP
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  2. mathix

    mathix Greenhorn

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    Hello i am representing ThaiLash in asking if you would be interested in becoming an affiliate with our new Thailand Travel website, aimed specifically at backpackers of Thailand.

    You can check us out yourself at:


    We are a new site aiming to bring backpackers closer together, we offer a place to hang out meet other tourists, share travel videos, stories, pictures etc.

    I came across your website and believe your flower delivery service would be a fitting affiliate for us if you are interested please get in touch.

    You can contact us directly on our website or email

    Best Regards
    mathix, Apr 16, 2013 IP