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Affiliate Networks Business: google, clickbank and junction commssion

Discussion in 'Google' started by makemoneyfromgoogle, Sep 16, 2011.

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    Any company or business that you want to start in Internet advertising and publicize their products or services, it is important to review prior to advertising or marketing companies most important to you in this way can ensure that will reach a large audience . This time describes three of the most important companies in internet marketing, in essence, Google Adwords, ClickKBank and Commssion Junction, since these companies are considered among the top 10 in world rankings, is essential for organizations initiated in this area know these compañias.A Below are the types of companies that accept, pay methods, ways to advertise products, etc..
    Google Adwords: As stated in previous articles, how to advertise in AdWords is based on the Google search engine. This makes identifying keywords, for example if a company want to advertise on AdWords is dedicated to the sale of products for weight loss, in the configuration panel Adwords put words like "Losing-weight," "Health" "Supplements-drugs", "routines", etc. (This is just an example). For thus the Google search engine can index the appropriate category that the company begins to make this known as Google AdSense program covers for Publishers (Webmasters) to help Google to advertise the products. They accept all types of businesses regardless of size, scope, partners, etc.. The payment is made for the clicks that visitors make on the announcement, billing forms are varied can be done through: bank transfer, credit card (American Express, Master Card, Visa) in postpaid and prepaid or automatic payment ( American Express, Masterd Card, Visa) which has an activation fee of $ 50 pesos and a minimum consumption of $ 100 Mexican pesos (similar to buying credit from a cell phone and varies from one country to another), they also accept payments via internet mail account money now begin to bill by direct debit, is to receive your statement in your home or business similar to a telephone company and then make the payment at a bank or institution that accepts adwords payments, but not available for all countries, it is worth noting that Google will not send any kind of profit for companies, only send the performance of each campaign and billing forms.
    Clickbank: A model of non-AdWords marketing, they accept products from any company that wants to advertise, even accept separate products, ie people who do not own company but want to sell their products. Is an effective model and that based on its network of independent affiliates (webmasters) with this every advertiser has a network of over 100,000 active affiliates ready to promote any product (digital or physical) in exchange for a commission. This model is not based on clicks, if not in product sales, but as paying ClickBank? this company does not intercede in payment of sales, ie, profits are the advertiser and its Affiliates / s (for a fee ranging from 1% to 75%), although if you have an activation fee of $ 45.95 U.S. Dollars (about $ 570 pesos) a single payment for registration and start enjoying the benefits, but if a visitor makes a purchase directly on the site of ClickBank, if you charge a commission (as if the company was its affiliate). Billing forms have ClickBank for advertisers are credit card and Paypal, but likewise begin work on new ways of billing.
    Commission Junction is one of the major advertising networks worldwide, is characterized by its wide range of advertisers. This company is characterized by serious companies who are promoting good reputation and because of that sometimes do not accept all companies (even that is rare). Its based advertising model as similar to ClickBank, except that here alone products are not accepted, only companies with website. In the same way they pay their publishers ClickBank commissions for a sale, except that here the company if it charges a small percentage of the sale, but is minimal. Registration fees vary and depends on the company and tailor a campaign budget because they have direct sales, clicks, referrals for free, email marketing, etc.. Billing forms are equally varied: they offer credit card billing, Paypal, bank transfer, among others.
    As can be seen, companies are adapting to the different modes of investment in the network for their advertising campaigns, these companies do not so the only or the last there are others that equally help a company to be known , to name a few: Smowtion Media, Text-link-ads, Exponsor, among others, all depends on which model best suits the company that joins the global network.
    makemoneyfromgoogle, Sep 16, 2011 IP
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    Thanks for Sharing Such a Nice list . But i think there should lists of Pay Per Visit (PPV) Programs. PPV is becoming new leader in market.
    From my side I am Sharing Websites Which are Best PPV Programs and I used :

    1. Clicksor (clicksor.com) - Earning Per 1000 Visitors - $5.20
    2. Shineads (shineads.net) - Earning Per 1000 Visitors - $8.50
    3. Infinity ADS (infinityads.com) - Earning Per 1000 Visitors - $4.75
    manuknl, Sep 27, 2011 IP