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AdWords keyword matching help needed

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by wdtw, Oct 18, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am pretty new to AdWords and I want to be able to drive the Google advertising for our new business.

    I have what is probably a very easy question for most of you, but bare with me!

    Google employees went in and set up what look like quite good ads for the most part, though I am not creating some adgroups to target particular parts of Australia. I have selected the geographic areas needed, and now I am doing the keywords.

    Each keyword is in the " " so they are phrase matched. This is because I want it to be really targeted to they keywords eg. "solar power brisbane"

    Does this mean that people searching 'solar power installation brisbane' will not find the ad unless i add that keyword phrase?
    My main question is, are the " " needed, because I have selected particular locations for them to show anyway? This is because sometimes we will turn all ads off and just have one going for a specific location in Australia. I guess when specific locations are selected, the keywords do not have to be so targeted, as they will only show in those locations anyway, is that right?

    Sorry if that is all a little confusing, and thanks for any help!

    wdtw, Oct 18, 2010 IP
  2. ianthekisser

    ianthekisser Peon

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    If you don't use the phrase match chances are that your keywords will also show for unrelated terms or terms that are referring to services you don't offer.
    For example your ad may show for 'solar power repair' or 'solar battery calculator' if you don't ad the quotes.

    The quotes ("") have nothing to do with your location.

    Are you managing the campaign yourself or someone doing it for you?
    ianthekisser, Oct 18, 2010 IP
  3. karumi

    karumi Peon

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    Firstly, your ads will not appear if someone searches "solar power installation brisbane" while your targeting keyword is "solar power brisbane". Secondly, I think that you should include the keyword "solar power installation brisbane" in your keywords list because it's really help you to get potential customers with long-tail keywords. Finally, " " is really needed if you want to increase conversions for your business
    karumi, Oct 18, 2010 IP