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Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by Hypothermic, Nov 3, 2007.

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    I was wondering a few things.

    I have read 50+ rehash eBooks about Adwords and PPC on the internet, Affilite marketing, etc. I have also read some from Barns and Nobals. I also read all the material from the Google Exam page.

    Just a few days ago, I bought:

    Everything from Perry Marshall but the telephone calls:

    • 1. The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords @ 97 USD.
    • 2. Ultra-Advanced Google AdWords Strategies @ 199.95 USD
    • 3. Google AdWords Traffic Conversion Seminar, on DVD @ 1047 USD
    • 4. Perry Marshall's Marketing System for B2B and Hi-Tech Sales @ 1490 USD
    • 5. The Definitive Guide to Writing & Promoting Your White Paper @ 177 USD

    I have listened and read all of his material 3 times.
    I am going over 1 more time as we speak and I would like to start my first PPC campaign.

    I would like to know, do you think this is enough knowledge to have a successful PPC campaign?

    I will be using about 1000+ keywords, and making an ad for each of the 1000+ of the Keywords, I have read a lot of books about copywritting and I will be using that information for my Ads.

    I know this may be over the top and little to much to handle for a 16 year old.
    I want to have good ads right of the bat, and from there I can start split testing my ads, pages, content, downloads, ect.

    I will be analyzing my conversions with Google Analytics, and 1 third party conversion systems. I will be calculating visitor value, where people are going on my site, what they are doing, what they don't like, what they do, etc..I will be reinvesting ALL revenue into advertisements and seeing how I can improve parts of my sales process.

    For now, I have about 400 USD for this campaign right now. If this is not enough, please let me know. I will be doing some other things in the site, article marketing to make some money if you think I should have some more.

    I don't want the top position in Google anyway.
    However, I think I can get it for a low CPC. There are ads that have nothing to do with what the person the person is searching for, they are completely irreverent...

    Thank you for any information you have!
    Christopher D.
    Hypothermic, Nov 3, 2007 IP
  2. Hypothermic

    Hypothermic Peon

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    This product will be 20 USD, and the product has a conversion of about 10% if the traffic is targeted.
    Hypothermic, Nov 3, 2007 IP
  3. romance

    romance Well-Known Member

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    depends on the product/niche your promoting, but 1000 keywords may be too broad to start with, i'd split it into 2 groups of 25 highly targetted keywords then grow from there.

    by having 1000 keywords your going to have a hard time working out which words convert better than others without spending a lot of money.
    romance, Nov 4, 2007 IP
  4. jg_abad

    jg_abad Peon

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    yes i m agree with romance,
    just start with few keywords and than move to more keywords, it will be batter to keep track of those keywords. just concentrate on those things which help you to get more traffic with batter ROI.
    jg_abad, Nov 5, 2007 IP
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