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advices for "sandbox"..i dont want:)

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by Humanist74, Jun 7, 2006.

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    i have some questions. need your opinions
    - i made a web site. i gave many advertisements to many sites ( link - banners etc ). nearly to 40-50 web site in the first mouth. i started to get 12 - 13 k daily unquie hits at the first mounth. then Google start to crawler my site. in first 3 days, it index my 100 pages..then in 1 week it was 200, then in 15 days it start to be 300 pages..etc..
    advertisement times finished..i removed all links and banner of my site at the other sites..then clicks are now 700 - 800 daily.
    i looked to google, searched as " site : mydomain.com ". i saw that my pages are less and less now..nearly 80-90..
    is my site going to go to sandbox? if yes why? i need your advices.

    and second question :

    i will make new site now too..i will give many advertisement again..especailly high PR sites..do you advice me any other strategy?

    Thank you and regards
    Humanist74, Jun 7, 2006 IP
  2. sji2671

    sji2671 Self Made Mind

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    No, the sandbox relates to the ranking of your site not the amount of pages indexed.

    To keep your site fully indexed ie site: you need good reliable/strong links pointing deep inside your site, however google has admitted there is a problem with the site: command so the figures you get may be innacurate.
    sji2671, Jun 7, 2006 IP
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  3. davert

    davert Banned

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    I would assume that Google is smart enough to notice when your site suddenly disappears from all the others.

    Also, I've found that PR doesn't always have a predictable impact on traffic.
    davert, Jun 7, 2006 IP
  4. mjewel

    mjewel Prominent Member

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    During the sandbox period, google does not factor in your backlinks when calculating SERPS. Backlinks will show and PR will pass, you just won't get the benefit of the backlinks when in does keyword rankings on competitive keywords. It has nothing to do with how many pages are indexed - and indexed pages don't do you any good if you aren't getting any traffic.

    There is nothing you can do to avoid the sandbox - it is based on the age of your site. Non-relevant sites linking to you can pass PR, but will not help your rankings in search engine results. Get quality backlinks (not link pages with a 100 links) from RELEVANT sites.
    mjewel, Jun 7, 2006 IP