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Advice/ Suggestions for a website

Discussion in 'General Business' started by tradester, Sep 13, 2019.

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    Hi all
    We are building management definitions/terminology website for client (something like these sites https://www.skymark.com/resources/qualglos.asp https://www.12manage.com/management_dictionary.html ).

    Would appreciate your advice and suggestions on following:
    1) Cheapest way to add content?
    Since there are thousands and thousands of definitions in this niche and there is a small budget, we are looking for creative cheapest cost effective ways to add such content into the website.
    -get people to sign up as members of the site and contribute /post definitions and then reward them in kind by paying them nominal $$ , giving them some ad space and letting them post some of their links on the site. Also since there will be new definitions (besides existing ones) created everyday, this pool of members will regularly generate and update latest new content so that the content will be user generated.
    -copy definitions from other sites and pay writer to rewrite them so they are original-This would be expensive and admin of site will have to regularly pay for this since such content is not user generated.

    2) What other features / sections should we add?
    Aim is to eventually evolve this site into a one stop portal with information/ knowledge/ database on this management/ business niche so sites has to have many features/ sections to keep visitors coming back.
    -blog? Get voluntary and guest posters to write regular posts with backlinks back to their site.
    -forum ? Is it relevant and useful for such a niche definitions/ terminology site?
    -article feeds from other authority sites in this niche
    -news feed of latest news and social media (FB, twitter, IG) relevant comments

    3) Best way to monetize?
    -Google adsense?
    -Amazon (since such definitions/ terminology will usually be from an author or book so can add Amazon affiliate link)?
    -Sell Banners/ links?
    What is best way of monetizing such a website?
    Any advice and suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

    Regards :)
    tradester, Sep 13, 2019 IP
  2. NetStar

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    Scrape, Revise, and Re-structure format.
    Then set it to user contribution to add/edit but make sure you have moderator capabilities with approval and "rollback".

    - No blog. No one will blog on a definitions web site. And no one cares about backlinks from blog sites except for little indian seo'ers stuck in 2004.
    - No forum. This doesn't even make sense. It's a definition site.
    - Article feeds? Lol c'mon..
    - Social Media feeds??? What..... it's a DEFINITION web site. Stop trying to turn it in to something it's not.

    Probably just Adsense until it takes off. Personally I don't see any value in this as it already exists (times 50!!). If you do get traffic from it, it most likely won't be substantial enough to profit from.

    I think you are taking a VERY VERY VERY basic concept and trying to over engineer it to deliver the exact same thing that already exists on a hundred other established web sites and expecting to see some type of profit that the other web sites don't even see. That's a little crazy to me..
    NetStar, Sep 14, 2019 IP