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Advice for web application technologies / architecture

Discussion in 'Programming' started by cpper, Dec 7, 2020.

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    I decided to start to learn web programming and as a first serious project I want to build a stocks/cryptography portfolio, where user sign in and add their holdings of specific stocks/coins. Users can see the current evaluation of their portfolio, or inspect various types of charts. I would like to host my app in the cloud, so that everyone on the internet can access it. Such sites(with lots of other features) are coinmarketcap.com or coingecko.com .

    I have no idea what technologies to use, I know there are plenty of options, so that makes it very difficult for me to make a choice. I would like to use modern but popular technologies, which ideally are relatively easy to learn. I googled for an hour or so, and these technologies were mentioned:
    - Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Run, Firebase (+ Firebase Realtime Database, Firebase Realtime
    Database, Firebase authentication)
    - All kind of products from AWS
    - Docker, Kubernetes
    - Angular, React
    - NodeJS, Express
    - Python(for backend)

    I'd prefer Google Cloud products over their AWS alternatives. I have some experience with Angular, Docker, Kubernetes, NodeJS + Express, and Python. I have no experience with GCP or AWS, but I think I'd enjoy learning them.
    So, what technologies (from the ones above, or others), would you recommend for my basic project ? The project basically needs cloud hosting, user authentication and database storage.

    Thanks for your time :)
    cpper, Dec 7, 2020 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    All you need is a shared hosting account, PHP, and MySQL. Use some javascript and you're up and running.

    All that other stuff is purely for your learning experience. What are your goals here - the pride of building something? to eventually be able to build a site that will earn money? to have employable skills and get a great job?
    sarahk, Dec 7, 2020 IP
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  3. cpper

    cpper Peon

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    Firstly it's about learning new stuff, for personal use. But then I won't be sorry if the new skills I learn can get me a good job.
    cpper, Dec 7, 2020 IP