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Advice for getting advertising to my music news site

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by boxcarracer, Sep 10, 2008.

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    I currently run a music news style site which is pretty much pure text information but has a solid fan base who check's frequently.
    I am a little lost when it comes to what all the lingo is like page impressions etc. but I do know that according to google analytics I average around 80,000 visits per month.
    Now heres my problem. The people coming to my site are a select bunch who are coming specifically for the information on the site and thus are computer savvy and not your typical 'ad clicker' so when I briefly ran Adsense for about month it was no surprise i received 4 dollars for my efforts.
    Which makes me think private advertising is the way to go? Do i have enough visits per month to make my site worth while to advertisers? I have applied for some of the major advertising networks like Casalemedia but since my site is music related they said its to closely related to mp3's and they'd be worried about piracy essentially. I do not have any piracy on my site but i'm just worried this could be a major obstacle i would have to overcome to win over advertisers.

    Does anyone have any ideas of where to start looking for advertisers? I was thinking about just going to music magazine type websites and just asking if they would like to advertise. Also is putting up a simple "selling ad space now" banner a good way to go? Anybody have any better suggestions?

    boxcarracer, Sep 10, 2008 IP
  2. Bison

    Bison Active Member

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    Could you try music affiliates? Maybe Amazon or something. Perhaps a guitar shop affiliate. I would also say the banner letting people know you have ad space for sale should work. Out of 80,000 visits someone is bound to want to advertise.
    Bison, Sep 10, 2008 IP


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    Granting that you have 80,000 unique visitors a month, for sure a lot of private advertisers are dying and interested to get at least a 125x125 adspace in your site.
    AUTOATTACKER, Sep 11, 2008 IP