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Advice for a simple website idea

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Lelop Menet, Jan 28, 2018.

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    I would really appreciate it if someone told me how I could make my idea work, or atleast where to start. How do I make a website for free that when you enter it, you write a message or a text ( maybe include photos to) and then you have a button to compose this message to a url, and then when someone clicks the URL, he just sees the message. This is the sole message (link that contains a message). I know that since i want to create it for free, i may have a subdomain, but I don't care, as if it succeeds, I may be able to make money. (You probably dont get why I would do it, or how I could profit from it). But your help is greatly appreciated.
    P.S. Little/minimal design is required as the idea is very simle.
    And as you probably guesses, I have no experience whatsoever (except in HTML(little?))
    Lelop Menet, Jan 28, 2018 IP
  2. phpmillion

    phpmillion Member

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    Start this way:

    1. Learn basic HTML and CSS. Once you do, create the "bones" of your website.
    2. Learn PHP and JS, but it will be more difficult than HTML.
    3. Once you got basic PHP/JS skills, use these skills to implement messaging functionality into your website (which you created previously).
    phpmillion, Jan 29, 2018 IP
  3. OnlineWorkIdeas_com

    OnlineWorkIdeas_com Member

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    It's best recommended to buy a domain name and hosting instead of getting a free website somewhere. This way you build up a website with a future and identity.
    If you decide on setting up a website by buying domain & hosting, the with one click you can install Wordpress platform (hosting companies have this in their control panel). Then go to your Wordpress admin and select 'Posts' and then click 'Add New' and start writing your text. Then add the new post on the Menu. That's it.
    To make a nice looking website, just buy a professional theme with 20$.
    Or learn how to install a website from an online free tutorial/course. You can find a freee course in Udemy and YouTube (I also have a complete on my website).
    OnlineWorkIdeas_com, Jan 29, 2018 IP