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advice:Creating a big website

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Cpu2007, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Hello everyone

    I hope someone can guide me on this.
    I have an idea about a website I'd like to create and I realized that is not something I can do by myself (even though I'm a programmer - not a web developer) so I decided that the best thing to do would be to hire a team,go for a company, whichever option is the most convenient.

    I can't provide many details about the website but I can tell you what technologies it will include and hopefully the information provided should be enough to understand the scale of the website and maybe be able to estimate how much it will cost.

    -The website will have a database:MySQL (as is free) and has good features.
    -The back end development would be in Java as this is the programming language I've used the most (but if someone thinks there's a better alternative then please let me know)
    -One of the features of the website will be the possibility to embed external website videos, but here I thought that maybe external providers (youtube,metacafe etc) might stop me from embedding their videos on my website if they see that it's reducing their traffic, so I'd also like the option to upload video on my site and stream it(I know this will be costly, especially the server load costs etc but don't know how much roughly)
    -there will be also an option for payments, thinking of doing this initially through paypal but not sure if this is a good idea or there are better ones (the reason why i'm thinking of pp is because of the secure transactions and this sort of reduce the load on security that I'll have to put on my website if I was to use my own custom payments alternative(i might be wrong,if so, please let me know)
    -The website would be dynamic so it expands as new pages are created by users or other people.

    If you need any further details please let me know.

    Thank you in advance
    Cpu2007, Apr 3, 2013 IP
  2. Stephan_Iscoe

    Stephan_Iscoe Well-Known Member

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    No need to over think this thing -
    Everything you mentioned can be done with off-the-shelf programs like Drupal and WordPress.
    And there's reason YouTube has an 'embed' code for sharing ;)

    Best of Success!
    Stephan_Iscoe, Apr 3, 2013 IP
  3. kemasii

    kemasii Active Member

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    dont jump in the pond head first do you have hosting if so you will see that most of this is simple without needing a large group. Scripts are designed now to self install along with databases. Like the op said you can do it on your own with wp or any other cms. But to soley rely on paypal in my eyes is a bad idea pp is very unstable with its users. You may have a good run or you may have a bad run it just depends. But start small dont just try to big in the beginning take steps
    kemasii, Apr 5, 2013 IP
  4. walts1

    walts1 Greenhorn

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    Go for it! Most internet marketers dont go for that extra mile.
    walts1, Apr 5, 2013 IP