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Selling Advertising/ Sponsorship of Halo 4 Facebook page (14k fans)

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by arkueckelhan, Oct 26, 2012.

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    I have a very active Facebook fan page with over 14,000 fans (PM me for link to the page).

    Every single fan is a Halo player and anticipating the Halo 4 game coming out in two weeks. I am looking for some sponsorship. I can add a little logo to the images that are shared (and seen by between 3k-20k people each time), I can add your ad to halo4tips.com which I will start linking to (I get about 300 visitors with each link I post), I can share your content if it is heavily related, and many things of that nature.

    Please reply here and/ or PM me if you are interested in sponsoring the page. There are many things we can do so it simply depends... NO SPAMMY sites, and I will have to approve the content before I share, etc.


    Also, I will be starting videos shortly which should receive 300-2k views each and I am willing to place a banner at the bottom of the video. Special pricing will be given if you want to pre-buy 20k views or more.
    arkueckelhan, Oct 26, 2012 IP
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    Hey, send me your page's info. We might be able to work together
    Nima, Mar 20, 2013 IP