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advertising on a sub-page

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by Tyler M. Moore, Feb 10, 2019.

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    I have a new website with homepage with almost no content (just a home page with my name/bio and a picture). I also have a sub-page (slash whatever) with content, and I would like to put ads there. I tried Google AdSense, but they rejected my site due to lack of content on the home page. I don't want any ads there - only on the sub-page - but they said it's simply not possible to ask them to evaluate a sub-page. This seems absurd to me, but appears to be their policy. So my question is, are there other ad services out there that would be able to advertise on my sub-page without advertising on my homepage?

    Tyler M. Moore, Feb 10, 2019 IP
  2. FindMyDIY

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    A homepage without ads is not uncommon. Try adding some content to your main page. Under your bio add some links to your sub pages with a header and description. AdSense is looking for a little more substance on your main page. As for other ad networks, it depends on your site and content.

    A good alternative to AdSense is Media.net.

    You can also try these for banners with relatively easy approval -
    A-Ads - pays on CPM (no approval necessary)
    RUNative - pays on CPM (no minimum requirements)
    Yllix - pays mostly on CPA (no approval necessary)
    AdHitz - pays on CPC and CPM (no approval necessary)
    AdsTerra - pays on CPM and CPC/(CPA)
    AdsTargets - pays on CPC and CPM
    FindMyDIY, Feb 10, 2019 IP