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Advertise W/Video Game News Site

Discussion in 'Advertising' started by GuyFromChicago, Apr 28, 2005.

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    I'm selling 3 ad spots on my game related news site (news.csgamezone.com). Themed ads only. The ads will be placed right below the Adsense ads, above the previous posts section. Your ad will appear on all pages within the subdomain.

    The news portion of the site is a subdomain of the main site (www.csgamezone.com). The main site went live in November 2004. The news portion of the site went live in February 2005.

    Unique visitor stats:
    Nov - 489
    Dec - 679
    Jan - 2018
    Feb - 2648
    Mar - 5093
    Apr (as of 4/28) - 9342

    Current Price: $25/month
    Payments Accepted: PayPal subscription only (monthly)
    Ad Size Limit - single line text ad - cannot "wrap"

    Please PM me with questions or interest.

    GuyFromChicago, Apr 28, 2005 IP
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    Hi there i need your help i have recently set up a world of warcraft website in hopes to monetize it i have got ads on from amazon i am impressed with how you have so much traffic comming to your website i am new to this and i have just started reading ebooks on how to drive traffic i am wondeing were did you advertise was it paid or not any advise would be great thanks.

    king3135, May 25, 2011 IP