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Discussion in 'Advertising' started by scottmweaver, Oct 29, 2008.

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    Look, it's no secret that Adsense is sucking in terms of revenue.

    So if someone is willing to pay $100/mo OBO, I'll replace my Adsense ads with your banners. That means one 468x60 at the very top of the blog and one 160x600 in-post ad and another 468x60 at the bottom of every post, all site-wide.

    Oh yeah, and don't worry -- no 'nofollow' crap. I'll link directly to whatever link you want, affiliate or otherwise. I'm tired of dealing with Adsense's BS.

    PM if you want to know the URL if you can't guess what it is.
    scottmweaver, Oct 29, 2008 IP
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