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Adsterra.com -Scam, Worst Support, None-Paying Ad network

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by desiweb, Jul 4, 2018.

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    I become curious by reading negative posts about Adsterra.com on digitalpoint but still continue our relationship.

    I must they are most ignorant guys out there. They don't listen, they don't understand,
    They don't resolve issues, they only eat up earned money.

    I am sending this reply daily from weeks to Adsterra support to cooperate or at least come up with a reply, no luck yet. I decided to discuss this in public as they seem to be careless.


    I was just reading posts regarding Adsterra on DigitalPoint.com and you did the same.
    I contacted you, it's not something you found.

    First I don't remember when the first account was created or banned on your network.
    This account is years old so, we have no intention of doing any fraud with your network.
    When we started using your Tags your codes infected thousand's of our publishers with viruses within in few days.
    We lost many of our valuable Publishers. We earned $50 on your network but lost thousand's of dollars.
    We took off your Ads instantly and then never placed them for a very long period of time considering you a BAD Network.

    I again thought to give you another try and placed your tags up. It was good for few days and then it drops CPM.
    I contacted support and asked them to see what's wrong second change the status to Network.

    I still don't believe what most publishers have an opinion about you.
    As being an Ad Network we know its hard to fight against BOT/INVALID traffic. That's really hurting WWW.
    Look, my friend, we are sending traffic to our partners right from our Ad Server. We have no tools to check the authenticity of a Publisher although we screened them hard but
    as you know its impossible to catch all spammers instantly.

    I am replying and telling you facts from utmost honesty. We are also running a business and not looking to earn pennies and run away. we are here for serious business.
    Reputation means a lot to us. $132 means nothing to you nor to us but both parities reputation is above all.
    We really like to work with you. We cannot guarantee for BOT/INVALID traffic, No network can but we trust you and like to work closely.
    You can minus any invalid traffic and also help us to identify the scammer.

    I am optimistic and also receiving positive vibes from you. You did what was needed, I didn't feel bad about it,
    Please appoint an account manager for us, Whenever you receive any BAD traffic let us know and we will eliminate them immediately. Of course, we will not charge you for INVALID traffic.
    Let me know your thoughts on it.

    Thanks and regards,
    desiweb, Jul 4, 2018 IP
  2. Adsterra Network

    Adsterra Network Active Member

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    Dear desiweb aka POPunderOnly.com,

    You got an answer why your second account was banned within 24 hours.
    I can repeat it here once again.

    Almost all traffic that you had sent to us was bot.
    Our Quality Team detected this and stopped CPM campaigns for your account.
    Your traffic did not perform at all on CPA campaigns so your overall eCPM went to zero.
    Our CPM advertisers requested refunds for bad traffic and we had to return them money and we deducted them from your account's balance.

    We clearly understand that in every ad network there is a certain percent of bot traffic and no one is safe from this.
    We are open for cooperation and we do cooperate with many ad networks and quite often we do ask them to stop bad traffic sources.
    But in your case we would have to eliminate almost all of your traffic and we really do not see any reason why we should cooperate in these circumstances.

    Best Regards,

    Adsterra Network
    Adsterra Network, Jul 5, 2018 IP
  3. The Beaver

    The Beaver Guest

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    How did your advertiser have to prove, non working campaigns?
    Maybe they run bad campaigns and its not the guilt of the traffic.

    So the full risk of your network is on the side of the publisher?

    Best Regards
    Last edited: Jul 6, 2018
    The Beaver, Jul 6, 2018 IP
  4. bale

    bale Active Member

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    I think he mentioned above that his Quality Team detected the bot traffic as well. Combined with the complaints from advertisers he did the refunds. My guess.
    bale, Jul 6, 2018 IP
  5. Adsterra Network

    Adsterra Network Active Member

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    Thank you bale. Your guess is absolutely correct :)
    Of course we do not close accounts only upon adverts requests.
    We carefully check traffic and in case we detect some bad source and advertisers also complain about this source we take an action.
    Adsterra Network, Jul 7, 2018 IP
  6. TrafficLos

    TrafficLos Greenhorn

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    Large number of visitors and zero or very low clickthroughs = Intentional or unintentional bot or bad traffic.
    There are so many simple methods to detect bad traffic. But its usually technically demanding to check and confirm such large amount of traffic in real time automatically.
    That's the thing most of the publishers can't understand :)
    TrafficLos, Jul 7, 2018 IP
  7. desiweb

    desiweb Member

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    They are Lying...
    First, they say half traffic is BOT, Then say traffic quality is poor.
    Then asked us to register a new account.

    We asked them to pay the previous balance only then we can have a fresh start.
    We are a small Ad network. The same traffic ran on other networks without any issue.
    Some of the traffic may not be good. It happened everywhere, They admitted it.
    We asked them to exclude those earnings while pay they balance and then we can continue with a new account.

    They ignored the question for a few emails and then replied those earnings will be paid after 2 months.
    When insisted they said "they won't pay because the quality was poor"

    I strongly recommend to STAY AWAY from these SCAMMERS.
    desiweb, Jul 20, 2018 IP