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AdsPower - Antidetect Browser for Effective Multi-Account Management

Discussion in 'Products & Tools' started by AdsPower Browser, Apr 8, 2021.

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    AdsPower is a multi-login browser management tool. It provides users separated browsing environments of different IP and time zones for each individual account, and replacing multiple devices with virtual browser profiles. With the help of AdsPower, bulk account creation and management on multiple platforms can be achieved. Check out our six core features and see what we can do for you!

    • Bulk management of multiple accounts on multiple platforms
    You can import/export a batch of accounts using logins and passwords or cookies on e-Commerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Shopee, Mercari, Shopify, Poshmark, Etsy, Wish etc. After that, you can start managing your stores, rating products and browsing for items. Bulk account creation and management and ad optimization on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tinder, Pinterest, Tik Tok and VK is supported, as well as account verification and affiliate marketing on Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Paypal and Stripe.


    • Anti-fingerprinting
    AdsPower provides an independent browser profile for each account with different fingerprints, including time zones, WebRTC, locations, languages, User Agent, fonts, resolutions, Canvas, WebGL images, WebGL metadata, Aduio, Do Not Track, Hardware Concurrency, Device Memory, Flash, Port Scan Protection and so. Users can either use the default settings or change settings based on their needs.


    • Automatic IP matching
    AdsPower supports IPv6 and integrates with mainstream proxies on the market, including https, http and socks5. The automated matching function of AdsPower helps users match the dynamic residential IPs of 911s5, Oxylabs and Luminati based on country/region, state/province, city and the previously used IP.


    • Browser Automation
    Any repetitive task can be automated in AdsPower. You can automate Facebook account checks and management, as well as other operations, through a selection of automated API.
    AdsPower recently launched the Application Center with plugins to improve user experience: Amazon Orders allows users to view the order history within the application, and Paste as Human Typing is human typing emulation to avoid pasting detection. Click here to find out more AdsPower plugins!


    • Team collaboration and efficient authorization
    AdsPower is designed for teams of all sizes. Plans for teams authorizes team members through three authorization levels (administrator-manager-member) and allows them to complete team management, account management and bulk management. Furthermore, AdsPower supports cross-team collaboration, allowing to share the configured accounts and browser fingerprint profiles with other teams. In this way, teams are able to complete all operations in the same environment and avoid misoperations and browsing issues.

    • Professional customer service and technical support
    AdsPower provides detailed tutorial videos and graphics, professional online customer service, and distance technical support to help you to learn about this program.

    Register and start free trial today! https://www.adspower.net/?source=digital

    Telegram channel: https://t.me/adspowerbrowser
    AdsPower Browser, Apr 8, 2021 IP
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    We're happy to announce that the new version AdsPower 3.4.1 was released!

    What's new
    • Automated task Check Token
    1) Go to “Account Management”, select Facebook accounts, then click the “Check” button and tick “Check Token”.

    2) You can monitor the automated tasks in “Task Management”.

    3) When the task is started, you can get the access token and export it. (Data Report -> FB Access Token).

    *Automation won’t start if the proxy type is “noproxy”)

    • Automated task Check Consumption Data (Facebook advertising statistics)
    1) Go to “Account Management”, select Facebook accounts, then click the “Check” button and tick both “Check Token” and “Check Consumption Data”.

    2) When the task is started, you can get Facebook advertising statistics of the chosen accounts (Data Report -> FB Ads Report).

    • New authorization method
    1) Choose the authorization method “Account dimension” (Team Management -> Global Settings).


    2) Go to “Account Management”, select accounts that you want to share, then click the “Account authorization” button.


    3) Select users with whom you want to share the accounts.

    All of the above features are available for AdsPower teamwork plans. Find complete article here: https://www.adspower.net/newsinfo/1355149.html?templateId=200412/?source=digital
    AdsPower Browser, Apr 12, 2021 at 1:25 AM IP