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Adsense v affiliate marketing for travel sites?

Discussion in 'General Business' started by tradester, Mar 4, 2020.

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    I see many travel blogs or travel booking sites do not have adsense. Most earn commission from affiliate marketing for big travel booking sites like hotels.com expedia.com
    Is it because affiliate marketing commissions better than adsense for travel niche?
    tradester, Mar 4, 2020 IP
  2. Benjamin Scott

    Benjamin Scott Active Member

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    One of things that Expedia promotes to affiliates is :"The high awareness of the Expedia brand creates trust and ensures market leading conversion rates."

    The same applies to hotels. Com. It's easier to market something you know you are actually selling.

    With adsense you can't promote for someone to click on the ads because you don't actually know what you are promoting. It's a matter of chance vs actively promoting Expedia or hotels. Com

    As an affiliate marketer I would prefer Expedia or Hotels .com. But there could be other reasons. That's what I think could be the reason.
    Benjamin Scott, Mar 12, 2020 IP
  3. cronik

    cronik Well-Known Member

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    Expedia is a reputable brand that most people trust when booking a hotel and/or flight, so it only makes sense to promote them. I'm not sure if their affiliate program covers all their affiliate companies, but Travelocity, Hotels dot com and many others are all partner companies.
    cronik, Mar 12, 2020 IP
  4. Spartan14

    Spartan14 Active Member

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    I think adsense will mever beat affiliate mRketing as say for example with 1000 visitors you get maximum 3 bucks .If you promote affiliate with 1k visits you will make easy 1 sale that will bring you at least 50$ .So think about what its more profitable ?
    Spartan14, Mar 13, 2020 IP