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AdSense units don't respect CSS margin rules

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Knocks, Sep 2, 2019.

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    I just noticed that on sites with "auto ads" enabled, auto-placed AdSense units don't follow CSS rules regarding margin or padding in mobile view. They display across the entire viewport instead of allowing margin. The issue is not really applicable on desktop because ads rarely run border to border down to the pixel. But it does interfere with the design of mobile pages. See example below.

    Code (markup):

    As you can see, the ad is sticking out outside the allowable margin on the left and the right, unlike the element above it. All elements on the page obey these rules except Google's AdSense units. Again, these ads are in "auto" mode, which means you place one line of javascript in the `<head>` section of your HTML, and Google's algorithms choose the sizing and placement of the ad units.

    Is there a way to force margins on these units?
    Knocks, Sep 2, 2019 IP