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Adsense TOS: A question about blog age and copyright Adsense rule?

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by http://better-tablet.com, Jan 1, 2013.

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    1. I own a wordpress self-host with a domain, I bought the domain and started to build this site 1 years ago. But I stopped after the first 5 months bcos i was too busy at that time. 2 months ago,I deleted all old content then restarted to build it with everything comes from zero again, new theme, empty content,...Now I dont know how does google calculate my blog age, 1 yearold or 2 months old? (Domain 1 year old)
    2. While posting articles, i copied some articles from other famous sites and put nofollow backlink to original post from that site at the bottom of the post. Do I go on right way with Adsense copyright TOS?If i aply my site to google adsense, could i get problem with copyright?
    p/s: Time is gold but I wasted 10mins to match the anti-spambot Capcha, lol
  2. yenny

    yenny Member

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    1. Domain age
    2. For applying you better do your best and not put anything even remotely suspicious, that includes copied content. You will have more freedom later on when you are approved
    yenny, Jan 3, 2013 IP
  3. http://better-tablet.com

    http://better-tablet.com Member

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    Thanks, I will remove some copied posts.