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Adsense on medieval and ancient weapons related site?

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by seodelhi, Jul 29, 2005.

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    I have a site related to ancient weapons, medieval armor etc., it recieves traffic from search engines which is around 200 uniques a day.
    I was thinking to run adsense on this site, but since google does not show any ads of weapons related site, i am a little confused over this.

    However having said that google does shows some ads for medieval armor and ancient weapons related sites but they are not too much.

    Can anybody suggest me how can i generate some revenue from the traffic that this site recieves.
    seodelhi, Jul 29, 2005 IP
  2. nevetS

    nevetS Evolving Dragon

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    I'm not sure if weapons are an adsense no-no, but it doesn't sound like something that would cause a problem. You are limited to what ads people are buying - so if there aren't any out there - or if there are very few, your earnings will be pretty low.

    Alternatively you could try out commission junction - it's affiliate, but it might work out better for you. There's also amazon if there are any products on amazon that your visitors might be interested in.
    nevetS, Jul 29, 2005 IP
  3. fryman

    fryman Kiss my rep

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    A search for medieval weapons shows 3 ads...

    But as always... don't ask on a forum, go ask google, they are the only ones who can say yes or no
    fryman, Jul 29, 2005 IP