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Adsense on a mini site

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by Jez, Apr 24, 2006.

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    I have today had to take down the affiliate links on a mini site as the merchant was mucking me about read about that here.

    My question is, now that I have taken down the links to the merchants site am I still allowed to show google ads on it? I mean the whole site is just a dead end without the affiliate links and I am worried that google would not like this.

    You can see what I mean here, as a typical page, the links to the merchant were underneath the images. I have taken down the links to the same merchant on two of these mini sites, both the same apart from the products.

    It will take a little while to find suitable merchants to fill these places - but don't want to get penalised by adsense - but also could still use the revenue that it creates on those pages.

    I would appreciate your advice please.

    Jez, Apr 24, 2006 IP
  2. WebFreedom

    WebFreedom Peon

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    Hi Jez,

    I don't think Google cares much about other links on your pages, unless they link to sites that are in violation of the ToS. They're mostly concerned with content, and after looking at your site, it looks suitable for serving AdSense to me. If you're really concerned about it, I'd suggest either adding more content, or contacting AdSense Support and getting their input on it.

    WebFreedom, Apr 25, 2006 IP
  3. Jez

    Jez Well-Known Member

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    Thanks Sam, that does help.
    Jez, Apr 25, 2006 IP
  4. valueclick

    valueclick Peon

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    The site purpose is NOT solely for Adsense clicks which is good.
    On your web pages you are asking manufactures to contact you for selling their fireplace on your site.
    However, a new good affiliate program might serve the site well.
    valueclick, Apr 25, 2006 IP