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adsense link ads aren't showing the color that I picked

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by hawkeyez, Dec 3, 2016.

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    I have 10 adsense sites.
    I created a blue ad title with black text and url.

    When I refreshed my website my ad title doesn't show the blue ad title. Instead, the ad title is black.

    Why isn't my ad title the right color that I chose it to be?

    Why is google doing this?

    Do ad title colors even matter any more in adsense?
    hawkeyez, Dec 3, 2016 IP
  2. Web Spero

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    I think you need to contact Google Adsense support and let them know your problem so that it could be fixed. According to my opinion it takes time for the changes you make in the ad to reflect.
    Web Spero, Dec 8, 2016 IP