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Adsense for a newbie HTML5 Games catalogue

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Topcitypictures, Jan 15, 2016.

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    Hello dear community,
    I have recently started my new website that represents a catalogue of HTML5 web games with primary keywords: play games online, play games free, etc.

    I never yet worked with Adsense in this field of free2play catalogues and I am curious what kind of income may I expect. During this week I have been reading a lot on games related niche for Adsense and most of people told that this is a really low-payed niche. Probably one of the cheapest...

    So, any ideas on game related niche for Adsense, what are cons and pros and what money can one man earn on this? Especially for the brand-new websites like mine.

    Tahnks in advance and let the conversation begin :)
    Topcitypictures, Jan 15, 2016 IP