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Adsense Compliant?

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by parisent, Jan 18, 2019.

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    Hello ---

    I used to run a website with Adsense with various scripts installed - from Business to entertainment. I believe I even has some sort of film downloader script installed. But I no longer have that site, However, I always stayed complaint with Adsense.

    It's been a while - And am thinking about starting up a new Blog. After I get the new blog up and running, I'm thinking about applying for Adsense again. But I am not quite sure how much Adsense has changed.

    So, I wanted to inquire, Before installing this new script on my blog - I'd like to ask if you think Adsense would not approve. Thanks!


    Thank You!!!
    parisent, Jan 18, 2019 IP
  2. Agent000

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    Given that both Adsense and YouTube are Google companies and that script violates the YouTube terms and conditions, Adsense would be pretty unlikely to approve it.
    Agent000, Jan 18, 2019 IP
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