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Adsense check is not on my Bank Statement

Discussion in 'Payments' started by megadl, Nov 27, 2008.

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    I just figured out....

    pardon for my english

    Well here's the story.
    Im under 18 and applied on adsense with the name of my father (i am junior so we have the same name) I put his tax information on adsense.
    I have received 9 checks so far. All of this 9 checks, i gave it to my mother so she can go deposit it. My mother and father has their own bank account for personal reasons (though they have another one joint bank account)
    Today i get to see my mothers bank statement (her own where she deposits the adsense check) as i thought my adsense check last month is gona be there. But none i saw. I went to check her bank statement (checking and savings) online, skimmed all the previous months and i still don't see any google transactions/checks.

    I went to my adsense payment history and saw the checks were all cleared. So i ask where the hell did they go ?

    So basically...
    My father's name is on all the adsense checks. My mom deposited it on her bank but no google transactions/statement i see on her bank statement same as my father's. Where the hell did they go ?
    megadl, Nov 27, 2008 IP
  2. tobycoke

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    Your Mum should have received a deposit reciept for each deposit. Take this proof of deposit to the bank with the statement & get them to explain the discrepancy.
    tobycoke, Nov 27, 2008 IP