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AdSense Canned Responses.

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Refrozen, Dec 21, 2004.

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    Granted, AdSense has FAST support, it just isn't very helpful.

    Clearly, the AdSense reps have a set of canned responses, and probably just click a button (if it even gets that far, they probably have a computer match it up, and they just click yes) to choose which one to send.

    I had a question about their "Double Serving" policies, and I sent them this email:
    I got a reply back saying,
    Then, telling me I could put 3 advertisements on each page.

    How helpful is that?

    However, I've had this problem before, so I come with a solution for you guys,

    Simply be very persistant, that 'forces' them to eventually have a person write the email for you (I got one a while ago when they were sending canned responses over and over again). Unfortunately, this takes a few tries.

    Anyways, I am still waiting for my answer, however, I sent a more clarified email:
    Maybe one of you could clarify for me

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    Refrozen, Dec 21, 2004 IP