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Adsense and other Ad Platforms - Help

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by anzilone, Jul 10, 2013.

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    Hello DP members,

    Can i use other Ad platforms like Qadabra if i am using Google Adsense on my blog? Can i place Qadabra ad also on my blog with Google Ad? Is this against Google Ads terms and conditions? If i use these ad platforms is Google ban my adsense account? I am searching for this but i cant get perfect answer.
    anzilone, Jul 10, 2013 IP
  2. Expectation

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    you can use adsense with other company ads but be care ful its not pop ups but i recommend you only use adsense to get good earning alone adsense you earn better than others but its up to you and you can use other company ads there is not issue
    Expectation, Jul 10, 2013 IP