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Adsense and Free to Use Images

Discussion in 'AdSense' started by Clockwork Joe, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I have been developing a website for a few months now and reading about what images you are allowed to use on a site with adsense on it. I often see websites, that have adsense on them, use images from other web pages and include a (source) link below them. I am assuming that posting a source link is not all you need to do to use an image judging by what I've read, but it seems that some websites are doing it and still have adsense ads.

    I have 1 or two images like that on my (not yet published) website that I will probably have to change before I publish. I was wondering if using images found on...


    ...OK to use on your website. I have been using images from here and I am hoping I don't have to change them all. I see when you click on the copyright area in the sidebar, after you find an image you can see the terms of use. Most say free to use as long as you attribute the work to the author.

    I apologize for the noob questions but I am in my 3rd revision of my site. I was really hoping to get adsense just so I would have enough to pay for hosting and I am learning that there is more to making a website that learning the code/design. All the stuff I have been reading about image copyrights all day has been making me feel like I need to rethink my website or go with one of my secondary ideas.
    What about using the embedded code on flickr images? I figured the embedded code was there so anyone could use the images? This has all been confusing for me.

    Can someone please clarify anything about images and adsense for me?
    Clockwork Joe, Nov 29, 2012 IP