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Ads not showing and no PIN received yet!!!

Discussion in 'Payments' started by khushal, Mar 18, 2007.

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    OK Google really pisses me off with there PIN thing.... When i reached my 50$ some 4 months ago with AdSense they said they sent a pin, then i re requested 2 months prior and no sign of PIN and now that i am near 100$ and i requested the pin for the 3rd and final time on my university campus's address and still no word of the pin........does this means my contract with Google had ended???? and last but not the least , my ads are no longer shown as my account says "Ads disable because account is not verified".... i know the postal service might be the problem but i've seen thousands of people in my neighbourhood getting e'm and not me.... so what is it that i expect from Google now??? I;ve mailed them and waiting for there response...seems like i just lost a 100 Bucks that i earned in over 1 year of my experience with AdSense....huh
    khushal, Mar 18, 2007 IP
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  2. cooljeba

    cooljeba Well-Known Member

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    hmm, they are supposed to send them by themselves.. Keep them asking untill you hear from them. Use the contact form on adsense page.. rather than any specific e-mail that you might be trying..

    ..:: peace ::..
    cooljeba, Mar 19, 2007 IP
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