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AdPlayer.Pro - FAST & FLAWLESS! [Official Thread]

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by AdPlayer.Pro, Mar 2, 2020.

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    Welcome to the official thread of AdPlayer.Pro - https://adplayer.pro/

    AdPlayer.Pro is global provider of innovative outstream video advertising solutions, specifically developed to address a series of industry challenges and dramatically improve the current video advertising landscape.

    Among these:

    • Ad-enabled video player: IAB-compliant HTML5 video ad player w/ broad video ad formats support (outstream & instream)
    • Outstream solution for publishers with premium monetization features
    • Feature-rich video ad server & video ad management platform
    • Fully-customizable whitelabel solution
    • Outstream video ad marketplace
    Our Benefits
    • Publishers work with AdPlayer.Pro to generate an additional source of outstream video inventory, hence earn additional ad revenue out of their editorial (non-video) content, monetizing it with top-quality branded video advertising, with absolutely no changes to their current content production flows and ad stack.
    • Corporate clients use feature-rich AdPlayer.Pro outstream enterprise solutions to ensure fast & flawless video ad integration, and maximum results for their Supply & Demand partners.
    • Brands and agencies join AdPlayer.Pro outstream video ad marketplace to access premium editorial inventory on desktop and mobile and build authentic connections with their audience through video storytelling across screens.
    Ad-enabled Video Player Core Features
    • Lightweight, responsive HTML5 player
    • Cross-platform: desktop & mobile web, mobile apps
    • IAB VAST/VPAID, Google IMA compliant
    • Broad video ad formats support:
    •• Outstream:

    ••• Launches only when in-view
    ••• Collapses upon ad completion
    ••• Muted by default
    ••• Sound switch-on: “Tap to Unmute”/on mouseover
    •• Instream​
    • Outstream mobile SDK
    • API-enabled configuration & setup
    • Dynamic player size adjustment based on the screen size (via aspect ratio)
    • Customizable player skins, features (onpage position, performance, etc. )
    • Easy-to-integrate with third-party ad server solutions
    • OpenRTB 3.0 framework support
    Advanced Selfe-Serve Platform Benefits:
    • Video ad server
    • Video header bidding solution (with prebid.js support)
    • Performance-based yield optimization
    • Ad marketplace
    • Video ad management platform:
    •• granular roles and access permissions
    •• advanced reporting and analytics, etc.​
    • Customizable whitelabel solution

    Please share your feedback if you have tried AdPlayer.Pro solutions! Try it now if you have not, and tell us what you think! All questions, suggestions, observations, are very welcome.
    AdPlayer.Pro, Mar 2, 2020 IP
  2. SarahPal

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    I love how easy AdPlayer.Pro is to use. The UI is incredibly user-friendly and provides valuable video metrics that are essential to creating an effective video ad campaign. The stats section provides information such as watch time, click rate, estimated revenue and much more, which allows publishers to have a deep understanding of what content is performing well and why. The customer service awesome, very responsive and flexible.
    SarahPal, Mar 4, 2020 IP