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Admin's Vortex ~ Admins Portal to Success

Discussion in 'Websites' started by PardyCo, Apr 26, 2013.

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    Looking for a few critiques for a new forum I invested into:

    Just a couple days ago, someone came up to me asking for an investment for the new forum they where planning to make. We discussed a few things over a few days talk. Ultimately I decided to agree and we made an agreement on my investment.
    I went ahead and got the XenForo license, a few paid addons, and help set everything up for him. Not even 24 hours has gone by when we came to about 350 post. An amazing start for a new forum. If the rate continues we will have a whopping 1,000 post before we even hit 72 hours (3 days!). We are currently over 800 post near the end of day 2.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Admin's Vortex
    Name of Site: Admins Vortex
    Site URL: http://www.adminsvortex.com
    Site Type: Forum
    Category: Webmaster/Advertising/Services
    Description: Admin's Vortex is yet another (but active) promotion and webmaster forum where you can help boost your site to success. We offer a few services such as posting packages, review packages, FOTM, SOTM, free hosting, and free domains. We acknowledge that there are several forum types out there in our niche, but we will pride ourselves to be unique and different from the rest.

    Admin's Vortex is also your one stop source for some tips and tricks to help you enhance your site and allow it to grow larger with ease. Along with these services We will soon have a Resource center where our users can help upload and share code snippets, themes, and user experience to help benefit new webmasters. We will be looking to have our resource center filled with useful items for all admins to use.

    Admin's Vortex loves to listen to our users. We take feedback into consideration, and welcome it. We are here to stay, and we are proud to have come so far in so little time. We thank our users who continue to offer support and use our services.

    We plan to get a custom made XenForo theme that will only be used on our site. However, I'm looking for opinions on what you think of it as it stands right now. If you find anything worth reporting, let met know.
    PardyCo, Apr 26, 2013 IP
  2. eamiro

    eamiro Active Member

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    It's difficult to review a forum in few minutes, so I will just say that the design is ok, but you need a more professional-looking logo
    eamiro, May 1, 2013 IP
  3. echo_unlimited

    echo_unlimited Notable Member

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    I like it. All in all, it looks pretty nice and I like what you've done with the forum. However, I'm unsure how an admin forum would need that many forums and perhaps you're diluting the overall discussion by spreading the discussion across so many forums.
    echo_unlimited, May 1, 2013 IP
  4. PardyCo

    PardyCo Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for your opinions. It is because we are looking to become a webmaster forum and a promotion service forum along with having the off topic section.

    We also do have resources as well to help promote it.

    New theme is now in place until out custom one is done if anyone can yet again give us some opinions and tips.
    PardyCo, Jun 29, 2013 IP
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