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Ad Networks: There's "Shaving" - And Then there's BLATANTLY RAPING Publishers...

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by ShortGuyzRule, Sep 8, 2019.

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    Ok, so there's "shaving" (bad enough as it is but they all do it whether they admit it or not and they always will, just a fact) - and then there's OUTRIGHT RAPE

    These screenshots are my GA of the traffic I sent VS Their dashboard. I have already emailed my AM (9 hrs ago) no response, and saw him sign in to skype, read the my messages and sign back out without replying.... So I've definitely reached out to them before opening a "scam" thread.....

    GA Traffic: https://prnt.sc/p3bcqf

    As you can see (It's a brand new site) traffic is from Twitter and 3 Turmblr Clones I use, I sent them 303 Uniques, 353 Sessions, and 544 Unique Page Views, coming from 19 different Countries.
    This is what their stats claim I sent them for the exact same time period: https://prnt.sc/p3bexh

    15 Visits from 4 Countries - That's what they're wanting to give me credit for?!?!?!?

    So To cover all the bases:

    Yes I was using the anti-adblock script

    Yes I am aware that there is going to be a discrepancy between actual traffic sent vs what is monetizable due to ad block becoming more aggressive and rampant - BUT IT'S NEVER THAT BIG OF A DIFFERENCE - EVER

    I use Asynchronous JS implementation of GA on my sites, so in order for GA to have seen them they had to have js and cookies enabled, so it's not that

    I don't do "Fake Traffic" and I've reviewed the traffic in detail to make sure there's nothing they can claim looks off - traffic is completely normal by all measures - bounce rate itsn't crazy high, no datacenter/vps traffic, all residential isps and mobile carriers (almost 40 different carriers/ISP's from 19 different countries) - and the traffic came from a mixture of mobile phone and desktop -highest demographic were iphone users - but a fair cross section between IOS, Android, Windows and Mac Traffic.....

    The only fishy elements are:

    Their Shady Under Reporting
    Their Pathetic CPM's for Tier 1
    The fact that they opened my skype message, read it, and went "Invisible" - hiding rather than responding when I asked about it...

    Draw your own conclusions, but If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a - Yep, you guessed it - @PopMyAds is officially a #SCAM

    TG I Only tested their network on a TINY amount of traffic from a new site - had i made the mistake of running them on any of my other sites for a day they would have ended up getting 50k+ visits out of me... That's NOT happening for free!!
    ShortGuyzRule, Sep 8, 2019 IP