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Account closed because not declaration confirming few months ago

Discussion in 'Amazon' started by basketmen, Jun 7, 2016.

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    few months ago i have too many emails & been busy by family problem
    i dont read below email message at that time:

    so my amazon associates account is suspended at that time
    my family problem is solved & want to continue amazon associates now, but in bold above says looks like old account cannot reopened

    in old account there is some websites list & balance about $40
    please suggest, is there chance the account reopened if i try contacting amazon, or create new amazon associates account (with another name, another address & new websites of course)?SEMrush
    basketmen, Jun 7, 2016 IP
  2. dscurlock

    dscurlock Prominent Member

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    Amazon will not re-open your account.
    sooner or later, they will pay you out.
    Since you had no violations, then you can
    open another account; amazon did tell me that.
    dscurlock, Jun 12, 2016 IP
    basketmen likes this.
  3. basketmen

    basketmen Well-Known Member

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    hmm its that so, too bad

    any reply again?
    basketmen, Jun 15, 2016 IP
  4. musicpanda

    musicpanda Greenhorn

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    They got me in the same trap. I had missed the mails and when I logged in I got the same. And the longer you look at it the weirder it becomes.
    - when I logged in on my account and got the following message "Important Notice. This account is closed and will not generate referrals. Access to this site is for historical purposes only. ACTION REQUIRED: U.S. tax withholding rate cannot be determined to make Payments. For more information on resolution visit FAQ."
    Only when I started a chat did they come up with that children (CAPPA) stuff. And suddenly there was no US tax problem anymore.
    - The account is closed. Yet when I go to the reports section I see even for the most recent months my account making money. It will be a surprise when I receive my cheque whether they pay that out or not.
    - They had stopped my account they said. Yet they only went on to pay me the remaining money when I contacted them.
    musicpanda, Aug 30, 2016 IP
  5. darkhorse30

    darkhorse30 Active Member

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    I can get that closed account reactivated, pm me
    darkhorse30, Dec 26, 2016 IP