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A Tip for Writers...

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by BayCrazy, Apr 16, 2013.

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    Here's one very simple tip to become a more compelling writer...


    Now, by provocative I don't mean antagonize people or go for aimless insults; I mean give your REAL opinion and express yourself unfiltered.

    People are so used to reading written content with all the rough-edges sanded down that it will feel refreshing, engaging and provocative.

    By this, I don't mean be sloppy or careless with thoughts, I just mean do not censor yourself, let your personality shine and think of the writing as a conversation between you and the reader; think about when you're discussing something with a friend... if you're passionate about something - you're usually both trying to provoke each other on some level to make a strong point, to get a reaction. Do this in your writing.

    Don't reword and rewrite yourself endlessly to come across as liberal and all-encompassing as possible; it may be popular, but it's boring.

    Whether they like you for it or not, people like to be challenged. It's far more fun to read an article that thrusts a new perspective or puts into question everything the reader currently thinks than it is to pat everybody on the back and pretend all opinions are equal.

    Be vocal, be bold and don't be afraid of 'controversial' views. Court them.

    Conversational ethos + literary nuance + irony + challenging views = great writing.

    PS. please check-out blog.baycrazy.com for some of MY great writing :)

    Thank you, peace yo.
    BayCrazy, Apr 16, 2013 IP
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  2. aditd

    aditd Well-Known Member

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    The topic is great, but I think only people that wrote something understand it.

    Being your self and expressing what you think ... that is a complicated process, even for, to install in the people I work with.
    People get it hard that others really look for a different perspective in a conversation. Saying what you think is appropriate to say in that topic ... well that is not you and people notice that in a subconscious level.
    aditd, May 3, 2013 IP
  3. axxil

    axxil Member

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    I'd say when you find yourself writing something that grips you, you're surely on the right track. Hope this helps somebody.
    axxil, Jun 5, 2013 IP
  4. Waqas_Rasheed

    Waqas_Rasheed Greenhorn

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    A Writer who is Good at his Work and Loyal with His Writings is the Best One...
    He didn't want Tips to Get him Right because He know that He is not Going Wrong...
    A Person can Never be Right but He can be away from Wrong (Confused)...
    Yes.... There are Many Facts which are Confusing but are Facts so No one have to Read Tips to be Right or to be Famous because
    'A person is Always Famous but when Other People tell him that He is Becoming Famous then He Realize it'
    Waqas_Rasheed, Jun 18, 2013 IP