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A problem with one variant of the bookmark form

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by tayiper, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Well, I have a problem with one variant of the bookmark form; you see, on the http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/index.html where I use input type="button" there is no redirect at all after pressing the "Bookmark" button, but on my other website http://tadejpersic.50webs.com/index.html where I use type="image" instead, the visitor is redirected to some strange URL that I guess is generated randomly.

    The three examples of the mentioned redirect:

    Code (markup):
    Code (markup):
    Code (markup):
    The code on the "tadej-ivan.50webs.com" variant:

    <form action="#" /><input type="button" value="Bookmark" onclick="bookmark('http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/index.html','Tadej\'s computing homepage')" />
    Code (markup):
    The code on the "tadejpersic.50webs" variant:

    <form action="#">bookmark: <input type="image" src="save.png" title="bookmark page" onclick="bookmark('http://tadejpersic.50webs.com/about-site.html','Tadej Persic\'s website | about site')" /></form>
    Code (markup):

    Oh and regarding the second example-code above, I guess it could also be without the closing </form> tag but with <form action="#" /> as in the first example above, also see the recent A banal question on two variants of 'form' code thread that I opened here on DP forums.

    So I am asking you, does anyone have any idea why the difference??!

    P.S. - I also wrote about this problem in the A strange problem/situation with some particular form thread, and under the last "P.S." paragraph in my first/initial post in theA bookmark form adds 'Load in sidebar' in Firefox thread that I also opened here on DP forums.

    Thanks in advance, tayiper
    tayiper, Feb 18, 2008 IP