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A problem with 'E-mail me' input button redirecting

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by tayiper, Feb 18, 2008.

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    I have a strange problem with "E-mail me" input button on my main computing related website that's redirecting (I suppose it's not possible to make it not redirecting at all, right?!?); you see, as it is on my old site's variant http://users.volja.net/tayiper/index.html (that I don't update anymore) after pressing the "E-mail me" button the visitor is redirected to:

    Code (markup):

    But after I moved that button to the top of the page on my new variant http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/sample/index-email-example.html (see below about the URL, and btw. this one is the only one that's still updated) the visitor is instead of "http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/?#" as it was before now redirected to:

    Code (markup):

    The code on the "users.volja.net" variant:

    <input type="submit" value="E-mail me" onclick="window.open('/tayiper/email.html','email','height=640,width=512')" />
    Code (markup):
    The code on the "tadej-ivan.50webs.com" variant:

    <input type="submit" value="E-mail me" onclick="window.open('/email.html','email','height=640,width=512')" />
    Code (markup):

    So I know that the reason for this change is the fact that I moved it above the AdSense search (yes, the actual URL is of course http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/index.html, and as you can see I already moved the "E-mail me" button back below the AdSense search so that now it again redirects to "http://tadej-ivan.50webs.com/?#"), but I am clueless and curious as to why back then it suddenly redirected to that long AdSense search related URL in the first place!??

    I speculated that it's because <div class="align"> element (and various other things), but after testing and testing it was all the same, i.e. I was still redirected to that AdSense search related URL.

    tayiper, Feb 18, 2008 IP