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A new idea for affiliate marketers? Streaming Radio Ads....

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by dinglehead, Aug 20, 2009.

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    So I've dipped my toes in the AM waters a couple of times - even made a couple hundred bucks (so as you can see I'm a total expert here). But I know everyone is always looking for a fresh idea....

    So I have one - and it might work for affiliate marketers and benefit me. See, I do a lot of radio and tv commercial voice over and production work - and it seems like AMs aren't really exploiting the fact that advertising in streaming and terrestrial radio is cheap and easy to do.

    Now, with a service like http://targetspot.com or http://bid4spots.com - you can laser target demographics. And with the right spot, and the right call to action, you can probably drive that traffic to your landing pages.

    The problem of course, is that it's a little more difficult to track - but if you setup campaigns that were specifically tailored to the streaming radio audience and not advertised anywhere else - you could at least see if it works. And you all know a lot more about this than me - so maybe there is an elegant way to track this.

    You can grab a demo here: http://vocalfoundry.com/VocalFoundry_Demo.mp3

    I dunno, just an idea. And I do voiceovers and production work - so if you want to bounce some ideas around lemme know.
    dinglehead, Aug 20, 2009 IP
  2. dinglehead

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    No one really thinks this would work? I'm thinking about setting up a simple LP and making a $50 buy just to see if it drives traffic...
    dinglehead, Aug 25, 2009 IP