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A Must Checklist Prior to going for AdSense approval

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by Uroojprovisions, Sep 3, 2016.

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    Hello friends!
    Do you Guys want to earn some extra bucks with your blog by applying for AdSense, but afraid of the rejection?
    So, Here I prepared a checklist to eliminate this fear, Ensure all the points before applying for it because AdSense approval is not a child's play.

    1) The design of the Blog: Your blog should be appealing. Ensure it doesn't look bad to visitor's eyes. It includes the arrangement of pages, menus, buttons and the color selection of your blog. Loading time should be fast.

    2) Abide by Rules of AdSense: AdSense rejects those blogs that have paid or fake traffic, duplicate/plagiarized content, and odd design.
    The About us, privacy policy, and Contact us pages must be there on the blog. It is one of the requirements of AdSense as it proves that you are professional and not a scam.
    3) Content: As we know content is King. So you have to prepare that likewise. It should not be plagiarized, keyword stuffed or poorly written. Write meaningful content that is relevant to the topic and educative to readers. Add headings, Sub-headings, bullets/Numbers in your content to make it impressive.

    4) Not acceptable niches: Porn or Adult, Cracking or Hacking related, Illegal Drugs or Anything else that is Illegal. Make sure your content is in the language that is accepted by AdSense.

    5) To verify name and E-mail: Put your name and Email at the place on the blog that is easily visible. So that they may know that you are an honest professional and not a fraud.

    Lastly, also keep it in mind that you must be 18+ and your blog should be 6 months old.
    Hope it will proved to be some helpful to you. Get approved and earn well!
    Uroojprovisions, Sep 3, 2016 IP
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  2. pmf123

    pmf123 Notable Member

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    6 month rule only applies to some Asian countries
    pmf123, Sep 3, 2016 IP
  3. Uroojprovisions

    Uroojprovisions Greenhorn

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    yeah! :-(
    It's for few countries that is China & India. In-fact, it's mostly for Asian nations.
    Uroojprovisions, Sep 4, 2016 IP