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A little script i've created to help you designers!

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by Izikeo, Mar 21, 2012.

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    I'm sorry if this isn't the right place for this, I have searched for ever for the right place to put this but none of the forum categories really fit this post. Feel free to move this post anywhere you need to.

    Okay so... I have been working on a script called Coded Template. If you have ever heard of Coded Preview, its a website that is meant to live on the functionality of that script since it has been shut down.
    What the script does, is you fill out a form with your PSD template or JPEG template details, the script accepts the information given to the form, and makes a coded preview of your template in the browser as if it were actually coded.

    It takes a number of fields, such as Template Title, and Wrapper width (the width of the actual content in the page). However, two more important fields I would like to mention is the Background Image, and Template Image.

    The background image is meant to be only a repeatable square, or horizontal, or vertical repeatable rectangle. It works in cooperation with Background Color.

    The template image, should only be the CONTENT and nothing else. It has to be a JPEG, GIF, OR PNG flattened image of the content. You cannot actually upload the PSD and expect it to work, as it will throw a public friendly error above the form field saying its not the right file type.

    I hope this helps you guys.

    The script can be found at http://codedtemplate.com

    Note that any Pornographic, or any other bad templates such as racism, or any kind of hatred toward a group or social entity, will be deleted. Templates are monitored daily.

    As much as this sounds like advertising, please note the website is completely free, I make absolutely NO money off of it at this current time, there are no ads, no premium restrictions, nothing that entails or deals with money, or money transfer. Therefore there is no need to advertise, this post is to inform the DPers' of a quality, free service. This is subject to change.

    Please no hate, bashful or otherwise mean replys, as they will be ignored.

    If you find bugs with the script please leave me a reply here, or PM me any time.

    Thanks a million guys, and I hope this script works well for you. I have enjoyed creating it.

    PS: Do note, this is not a PSD to HTML service. I do not offer professional PSD to HTML coding, nor does this script. This script is only a JPG, GIF, or PNG preview of what your site would LOOK like in the browser, and its not actually hard coded.
    Izikeo, Mar 21, 2012 IP
  2. Jordan260

    Jordan260 Active Member

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    Great site idea!

    Good idea to be able to present the designs we make for clients etc to be previewed properly, i'll try it out :)
    Jordan260, Mar 26, 2012 IP