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A Guide to posting Review Requests and replying to them

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by sarahk, Nov 25, 2012.

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    Reviews are for anything that you need feedback on - the design of your logo, your brand new site, your marketing strategy.

    Asking for a Review

    If you have a specific aspect that you would like people to focus on then make that clear in your post.

    There are 3 subforums...
    1. Websites
    2. Design
    3. SEO
    If you need a review on your blog, directory, or ecommerce store please note that these are actually websites and your review should be placed in the Websites subforum.

    Reviews won't be deleted if you later sell the site and the new owner wants the thread removed.
    Giving Reviews

    The quality of reviews is often quite low and these posts can be considered to have "no value" and are often made by people wanting to increase the exposure of their signature (even though it's nofollow) or get enough posts to start a thread in the Buy/Sell/Trade section.

    These "Reviews" don't give anything of value to the thread starter

    To give a good review consider the knowledge and experience you have and apply that to your review.

    When you like the site is it the content you like, the layout, the theme or the page structure?
    When you don't like it is it the look, the content, the lack of proofing, the fact that its MFA, the messy source code, the internal pages not matching the design, the load speed or something else?
    If you have suggestions - make them
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    sarahk, Nov 25, 2012 IP
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.