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A Few Questions For Experienced Affiliate Marketers From a Noob

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by teamnirvana, Aug 13, 2010.

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    I had been pondering on Affiliate Marketing for the past few months. Though I had not been able to get a steady passive income from it, the money was sure lucrative to dwell more and more into it. This fascinated me to try my luck in CPA.

    I have a few questions lingering around as I had not been accepted :( by most of the networks that I applied for. The rejections arrived from NeverBlue, MaxBounty, CPALead, ClickBooth, MarketLeverage etc.

    I have a vague idea why I had been rejected. Please confirm and suggest me what I can do to be accepted. My doubts are:

    1. People advised me to build a site and show it as a proof to Affil. Managers that I am already an affiliate marketer working honestly to earn some money. But, I had been earning affil. income through one of my blogs.

    So, what kind of a site should I be showing the managers to get accepted?

    2. Should this site already have posts just like a blog? or should this site have a sales page and an opt-in form?

    3. Incentives? Why are some networks so strict about this feature?

    4. I am a novice in affil. marketing. Some networks do ask about PPC campaigns. What if PPC is not in my plate as of the moment? Would they reject me?

    5. Do affil. networks accept the new members if we state that we are pretty much new to affil. marketing and explain our strategies to bring in traffic and sales?

    I know that I have posted too many ques. Please take a few mins off and provide an answer to these questions.

    That would be helpful to most of the newbies lurking around for more info.
    Thanks in advance.
    teamnirvana, Aug 13, 2010 IP
  2. Phillychzsteak

    Phillychzsteak Active Member

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    Hello teamnirvana, let me try to answer those for you.

    1) If you are earning money with your blog, that's all you have to show a network/aff. manager. A blog is a website, so you shouldn't downplay it at all. If it's a good blog, then you shouldn't have a hard time getting accepted into a network with it.

    2) Refer to #1 -- you shouldn't have to make another site if you already have one!

    3) Some network, including my own, are strict about incentives offers for many reasons. First and foremost, if you try promoting offers that do not allow incentives, with incentivized traffic, your account will be terminated at most networks. It's not necessarily the network being strict about this, but it's the advertisers being strict about it, which makes the network police it strictly. Incentives traffic is considered a lower quality form of traffic because you force somebody to complete the offer in order to receive something else, so they're most likely not interested in the offer that they are completing, but are just interested in the prize/cash that they get for completing the offer.

    4) Not at all. You will not be rejected if you do not do PPC, at least not with CPATrend, and most networks I know of. However, don't claim you do PPC if you don't because then you may get caught in a lie. Just tell the network exactly what you do to promote offers, and that should be acceptable, as long as what you do is legitimate forms of marketing. There's many different forms of marketing that you can do such as banner placement, PPC, PPV, social media, media buying, etc.

    5) Many affiliate networks do accept new members who are ambitious, willing to learn, and willing to work on campaigns. My network enjoys new affiliate marketers because we give tips/advice on how to successfully promote campaigns, as well as help you optimize your campaigns. Generally speaking, if you are transparent with your network and give them details of what you're doing, they will be happy to work with you because you can show that you're not doing anything fraudulent and that you're willing to learn/invest time &/or money into developing profitable campaigns.

    I hope these answers have helped you out and feel free to contact me if you have any other questions!

    Also, check out my blog at www.affmarketinginfo.com -- this is basically targeted towards new affiliate marketers, and I will be posting lots of new content in the very near future.
    Phillychzsteak, Aug 13, 2010 IP
    teamnirvana likes this.
  3. mtmjohn

    mtmjohn Peon

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    Very informative post, Phil. Thanks for sharing with us. :)
    mtmjohn, Aug 13, 2010 IP
  4. teamnirvana

    teamnirvana Active Member

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    Thanks a ton for the detailed answers Phil.

    Got so many answers from you alone.
    teamnirvana, Aug 14, 2010 IP
  5. EmpyreRamiz

    EmpyreRamiz Member

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    Great post nice to hear knowledgeable things from you
    EmpyreRamiz, Aug 14, 2010 IP