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a few questions for data handling c# and .net

Discussion in 'C#' started by Camay123, Jun 7, 2013.

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    I got a client who needs a windows application compatible with .net framework.

    The basic needs for this application is to make a sort of library of corporate minute books representing companies.

    Each minute books as some specifics details to it, like:

    Company number
    Company name
    fiscal year end date
    accountant email

    The law for companies dictates that certain actions must be done after each fiscal year end date. These tasks must be programmed/scheduled at certain date to be executed before a deadline imposed by law. an email could be sent to someone, the legal secretary, when the task is due to be executed.

    Once a task is executed, it must be checked as complete.

    A report could be generated in pdf, for each minute books and global view of the status of the tasks for all minutes books.
    By now, you probably get the rought ideas of what is needed.

    Is all of what seems required doable with C# ?
    How would you store data ? XML ? SQL ?
    If you had to install on multiple workstation, how wwould you ceentralise data ?
    Can C# be ported to Android tablet so the secretary can walk in the physical vault to update some data on physical minutes books ?
    Camay123, Jun 7, 2013 IP
  2. aidanriley629

    aidanriley629 Banned

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    I would use classes and with C#'s OOP
    aidanriley629, Jun 8, 2013 IP
  3. AWEOluwatobi

    AWEOluwatobi Greenhorn

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    yea,you can implement all this in c#, and you can save all the data in a ms sql or mysql database,i'll suggest you first of all develop the domain model(the company name,email etc i.e data that need to be captured by the system) with some classes and also get the relationship between them.....you can then go ahead to creat the database structure based on your domain model. Now,from the question you wrote,i can see that you.l have multiple user in a network environment....there are two approach to this,you can either develop this system using windows form or simply make it a web application that will be accessed tru the browser.the web app route is much easier to develop and even update as time goes on,then it will be much easier to access for anyone who uses the system,all you need do is to implement a good access control in other to control what each person can see and do when accessing the system.
    I'll advice that you look into asp.net mvc with c# and entity framework for this project. and if you need any assistance with it,im always available.....
    AWEOluwatobi, Jun 9, 2013 IP