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A-Ads Bitcoin Advertising Network

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by FindMyDIY, Jan 7, 2019.

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    A-Ads is a CPM ad network that pays in bitcoin. Typically this type of ad network is found on crypto related websites, but ads can be placed on almost any type of website. In fact, you do not even need to use a paid host.

    CPM stats are based on unique views. (Not all impressions count!!)
    All you need to do is decide on a crypto related topic or any topic really and create a blog by using WordPress, Blogger, or any other. If you already have a website, all the better. You just need to generate quality traffic.

    This is one I created to list Recommended and Not Recommended Faucet sites:


    Its nothing fancy and you don't need to use any referral links when creating your blog.

    Once your blog has been created, you need to make an account at A-Ads using your email or bitcoin address. I would suggest using your email so you can decide how you want to do your withdrawals. You can use any bitcoin wallet and pay a withdrawal fee or a faucetsystem wallet for no-fee daily withdrawals.

    Just place your A-Ads ad unit on a web page and start promoting it on various forums based on the topic of your blog.

    Did I mention that there is no minimum for daily withdrawals.

    http://a-ads.com?partner=1080871 <-- Shameless Referral Link
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