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9 Practices to Keep from Getting Kicked out of Adsense

Discussion in 'Guidelines / Compliance' started by qwerty100, Oct 21, 2006.

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    If Google sees someone click on one of your ads from the same ip address that was used to log into Adsense, they will probably assume that it is the same person and kick you out. Here are nine things that will help you minimize your chances of getting kicked out of Adsense.
    Obviously following all of these would be pretty difficult and many of them are speculative guesses at what Google is tracking. However, being aware of how Google can accidently identify a legitimate click as fraudulent can help you stay out of trouble.

    Are these good practices or am I letting my paranoid mind get the better of me?

    1. Minimize the number of times you log into Adsense. Every time you log in Google is recording your ip address and compares it to the ip addresses that have clicked on ads.

    2. Only check your Adsense account from your own ip address. Don't use public places to login to Adsense. You never know who might surf to your site and click on an ad.

    3. Never check Adsense from a public connection that uses a proxy server or NAT. These technologies will take a bunch of traffic and make it look like it is all coming from the same place. I've heard of a college student getting kicked out of Adsense because all the traffic from his school was coming from the same ip and his sites were mainly targeted toward his fellow students so it looked like he was clicking on his own ads.

    4. Minimize your use of Google Talk, Google Toolbar, Gmail, and any other services from locations where people may click on your ads. Google could use this information to identify where you have been. If someone else clicks on one of your ads from one of these locations, it might look like you clicked on one of your own ads.

    5. Use automatic reports to see your results instead of logging into Adsense. Google Adsense can email you a file every day showing your earnings. By using this you can see all of your data without logging into Adsense and potentially giving Google a match between your ip address and the ip address of someone who clicked on one of your ads.

    6. Don't login to Adsense from your work. Corporate networks often us firewalls, proxy servers and NAT and you never know if your co-workers might browse to your site and click on one of your ads.

    7. Don't tell your friends, coworkers, or family about your websites. They might try to help you out--or just click on ads to see how it works.

    8. Use a non-standard browser for logging into Adsense. I don't know that Google tracks the browser user agent, but it could be one of the things used to determine if the same person who logged into Adsense also clicked on an ad. If you make sure you use a less popular user agent to login to Adsense, it might help reduce the chances of someone else's click showing up as one from you.

    9. Avoid clicking on others Adsense ads. While this isn't prohibited, Google is tracking who clicks on what. The less your ip address shows up in their logs, the less likely it will be incorrectly identified as fraud.
    qwerty100, Oct 21, 2006 IP
  2. Barti1987

    Barti1987 Well-Known Member

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    Wow, why would I live in such fear??

    Log in how much you want, from any where you want, it doesn't really matter.

    Google is not stupid enough to just ban you because of IP match, it surly has better algorithms.

    Barti1987, Oct 21, 2006 IP
  3. SamOwen

    SamOwen Peon

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    (emphasis mine)

    Speculative guesses indeed. Most people will find #1 especially difficult ;).
    SamOwen, Oct 21, 2006 IP
  4. sebastya

    sebastya Well-Known Member

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    even if you follow these rules you will still get banned..I did...
    sebastya, Oct 21, 2006 IP
  5. nextgen66

    nextgen66 Well-Known Member

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    That's all completely unnecessary.

    Just follow this rule - keep your sites to yourself. No sending links to friends, no posting on forums. You'll be fine - and you can login to adsense and check you earnings from anywhere, as often as you like.
    nextgen66, Oct 23, 2006 IP
  6. siegmound

    siegmound Member

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    I agree with you, i am make one invalid click (accidentally) and they kicked me out.. I know how algorithm work, and one mistake is enough to be kicked..

    If you want to be kicked you can do it in this 5 steps:
    1. log into adsense
    2. click on one of your ad unit
    3. change keywords on end of url
    4. then on changed url click on some ads
    5. log back into adsense

    After couple hours you will be kicked out from adsense program... That is sucks...
    siegmound, Jan 5, 2007 IP
  7. Obelia

    Obelia Notable Member

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    That's quite a paranoid list. Although it does make sense to avoid using the same IP to log into Adsense as someone else may have used to click on your ads.

    Why? Google surely knows that it's very easy to switch from one browser to another, so if they do flag you for invalid clicks this won't be any defence whatsoever.

    This is just rubbish, unless you're in the practice of click-bombing your competitors.
    Obelia, Jan 6, 2007 IP