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Selling 8 Years Digital Point Writing Experience - 1 Cent Per Word

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by samkenwick, Feb 3, 2017.



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    Hello Digital Point :

    I'm an American article writer with 8 years experience. My rate is 1 cent per word, and I've had tons of satisfied clients during my 8 years. I've completed thousands of orders, and I'm available most every day. I always keep my clients well informed of my status, how the work is coming along, and when they can expect their order completed. You can reach me on Skype @ samsnewphone Below is a sample of my work so you can gauge the quality!

    DES Consolidated Business Services- Easy Product Sourcing And Management

    International Customers Welcome -
    We do business all over the world, so no matter where you're from, we can coordinate our services to work alongside your business. We're based in Singapore, which is a location that allows us to branch out to nearly all countries.

    20 Years Of Product Sourcing Experience - Inexperienced product sourcing companies can destroy businesses easily. Novice workers make a lot of beginner’s mistakes; trying to do a job they have no experience in doing. That's the sad truth about what some product sourcing companies are offering these days.

    When it comes to protecting your financial bottom line, DES Trading has 20 years of experience and know-how backing them up to ensure you get the products you want, at the very best price. We're with you every step of the way.

    High Performance Flexibility And A Friendly Staff -
    The DES Trading staff is professionally friendly and makes it their mission to provide flexibility to their customers. Being able to set specific dates and times is important to the health of your business, so we always do our best to be as flexible as possible to our customers needs.

    Support For Large And Small Businesses -
    At DES sourcing agent service, we have experience with both large and small businesses, and know how to cater specifically to each. We even have experience with multi-tier supply networking that involves network "veins" of clients, branching out everywhere at once. We're able to strategically coordinate our involvement wherever our services can save your business the most money.

    DES Trading Testimonials -Here's a few recent testimonials from some of our real customers:

    "Doing business with DES Trading was truly refreshing. After being left disappointed by a other product sourcing companies and their "hit or miss" methods to get me the products I need, I found DES Trading. I received a large catalog listing of available merchants, got the products I needed, and everything went perfectly! THANK YOU DES TRADING!

    Bill from Las Vegas, USA

    DES Trading Pte Ltd - Sourcing Agent Service Personnel Are Standing By!

    Simon from Switzerland

    "I'm the CEO of a highly competitive line of machine shops, and when I found out that the die-cast company I was ordering from no longer offered the carburetor bodies I needed, I panicked! I luckily stumbled upon DES Trading and thank god I did! They were able to find me a new supplier of the same carburetor bodies for much cheaper than my previous supplier! A total home run!

    If you like the article sample, and you're interested, feel free to add me :

    Skype : samsnewphone

    We can get started working with each other right away. And with me you never have to pay in advance. You only pay AFTER the work is completed and you're satisfied with the quality.

    Best Wishes!

    Samuel Kenwick
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    samkenwick, Feb 3, 2017 IP
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    Still available for copywriting services? We have a big project available for the right person!
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