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Contest $75 to design a body tattuu

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by snaponsin, Jul 6, 2018.

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    Hello designers
    Do not know if it's something you can do, since the final drawing must be used as a tattoo (have had many jump off)

    Apologies that it is reasonably "crude" but has previously been in contact with one from Australia without much success.

    But here goes:

    The shoulder is the moon peeking from mountain tops. In the background around the moon there will be white stars in contrast to the dark toned night sky. The light reflected from the moon will create an amazing looking mountain terrain with shades cast from the moon. (the moon pattern has to be realistic)
    The whole tattoo is a mountain terrain that perspectives upwards. Therefore it will have the impression that the bear right under the elbow is much closer than the deer and the doe's by the river. (doe's drinking water)
    The deer is looking at whatever person who is looking at the tattoo "for protection" because of the doe's. The one side of the mountain terrain will be heavily stocked with cliffs and rocks (pine trees to fill the blanks) were the other side will be a lush pine Forrest with small amounts of rocks and a little wood cabin. (if its possible I would like a “hidden” hammock hanging in the Forrest).
    The two sides are separated by a river (a little vegetation alongside the river like bulrush and lake grass) running thru most of the tattoo (it fades away before the sleeve under the elbow) The sides of the tattoo are fading until there is nothing left (it do not go all the way around, it stops at the end of the triceps and bicep, which leaves the underside of the arm bare. The sleeve part with the bear is going all the way around with fading pine trees.
    I’m still not sure if the quote should be under the elbow or on the underside of the arm.

    The tattoo starts at the top of the shoulder and runs all the way down past the elbow (5cm past the elbow)
    The tattoo curves with the shoulder/arm to the specified measurement’s.

    The attached photos are an inspiration but I would like the details to be better then what is showed.
    You are welcome to edit the design to make it more spectacular, now that I’m not the best with a pencil.

    I am looking forward to see the amazing result.

    snaponsin, Jul 6, 2018 IP
  2. snaponsin

    snaponsin Well-Known Member

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    Anyone going for this contest?
    snaponsin, Jul 13, 2018 IP