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7 Simple Steps To Setting Up The Google Sitemap

Discussion in 'Google Sitemaps' started by bobmutch, Jul 28, 2005.

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    How to add up a sitemap in 7 easy steps.

    1. Go to this Google Sitemap Generator page.
    -- This is a free utility that will help you construct your site map. *Note this process only works for smaller site with a maximum of 750 pages.

    2. Enter the URL of your Web site in the "URL to map" field and click on the "Create Map" button. i.e. http://www.seocompany.ca/
    -- This will give you a page where you can see the URL, Title of page, date, change, and priority. For now we will not worry about the date, change and priority settings.

    3. Go thought the list and uncheck any files that you don't want to be in the list.
    -- This would include any files that are not public like an administration file to a database backend, files that are the same and just have different parameters in the file like index.php?sort=desc or index.php?sort=asc etc.
    4. Click on the "XML SiteMap" button and you will get a new page.
    -- The xml code you see on this page is the contents you will be putting in a sitemap.xml file, uploading to your site and then submitting to Google.

    5. Click on the body of the code beload the green button named "Edit Map" and it will highlight and do a CTRL-C on your keyboard for Windows or ---- for the Mac (I'll add this in a bit later).

    6. Open up Notepad and then paste the text into Nopepad with a CTRL-V. Save the file with the file name of sitemap.xml and upload it to your root directory of your Web site.

    7. Log into Googles sitemap submission page with your Google Account. On this page click on the "Add your first sitemap" and add the URL to your sitemap in the "Enter your Sitemap URL below" field and click "Submit URL".
    -- Your google account can be your gmail account, or other Google Account services. If you don't have an account set up one. My URL was http://www.seocompany.ca/sitemap.xml . Best way to make sure you have the right URL is to enter it into your browser and make sure it comes up with the same XML code in the browser that you cut and pasted into the notepad file.

    There you are done. See how simple that was! You can monitor the process of your sitemap by logging back in your Google Account.
    bobmutch, Jul 28, 2005 IP
  2. digitalpoint

    digitalpoint Overlord of no one Staff

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    Thread is not about Google (as a company), it's about site management (moved).
    digitalpoint, Jul 28, 2005 IP