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Selling 7 Fully Outsourced Social Media and SEO Services. Cheapest Suppliers.Huge Profit

Discussion in 'Sites' started by usama18, Feb 3, 2012.

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    Are you looking for Hot,Most Demanding,Huge Profitable and Completely Outsourced Businesses To Run???
    This Time I am Providing You Complete "Social Media" Services And "SEO " Services Reseller Business in One Awsome Designed Website.

    With Cheapest Suppliers 1000 Fans in 7$ only, 3000 Followers in 9$ only , 100 PlusOnes in 8$ only , 2000 YT Views in 8$ . ( I am Also Selling Suppliers Info if you need this PM me )

    Google PlusOne (Hot Business)
    Facebook Fans (Always Demanding)
    Twitter Followers (Always Demanding)
    YouTube Views (Popular Music Industries Demanding)
    Website Visitors (Webmasters always need Traffic)
    Articles Writing (Content remains King for Everyone)
    Edu backlinks ( Best SEO service for backlinkers)
    All Seven Businesses in One Website makes it Much More Profitable and Company Based for the New Owner. Tap into the Huge Profitable Market of Social Media and SEO Now !!!

    Rich Keyword Brandable Domain.

    You don't have to wait for days to Earn. Experience Huge Profitable Market right away from the very first day . Because of Its High Demand in the Market and . You can Easily make 400$/week . Because 7 Topclass Social Media and SEO Businesses are Included in this Website.
    Website Info:
    www.PlusOnesSale.com is Providing Customers Google's New +1 Service to increase Serp's and Traffic .Facebook Fans are also provided by this website to gain huge popularity in the Biggest Social Network.
    Twitter Followers Youtube Views and Website Visitors Services are also included to gain maximum exposure from a single website.
    Where as SEO services are there to sell articles and Edu backlinks which are most use able in SEO market and loved to get High search Engine Rankings so people are crazy about buying these Edu backlink services.
    In this Website we are Providing Different packages of Google Plus 1 Services Starting from 250 to 10,000 Google +1 votes In Addition Facebook Fans Ranging from 1000 to 20,000 Fans Packages. These votes and Fans can easily be provided by our Suppliers to Customers. So the Website owner only has to check orders daily and pass it to your Suppliers and Earn huge Profit as a Reseller.
    Google Plus1 Business is gaining huge Popularity because Every Webmaster is willing to buy +1 Services as Plus ones are becoming BackBone in Social Media. I personally saw People are wanting Plus one services on many Different Freelancing Websites and also in Webmaster forums. We created almost all packages so Customers can get their desired package. And Facebook Fans Business already gained popularity and Increasing more and more by the time.
    Internet Marketers are always looking for Twitter Followers because followers are now becomming backbone for marketing website or products.
    Youtube is the second biggest Search Engine which gets billions of views per day Marketers,brands, New Stars or even websites have to show their appereance in Youtube therefore they want to increase their google rankings and appear first when somebody searches in youtube.
    Website Visitors is the 5th service we are providing in the website. their are billions of websites and every webmaster have the dream to have potential visitors so most of the webmasters always in search of this service.
    Combinning all the services makes it Much more Profitable.
    Attention Please:
    Are You Sick from All Turnkey Websites which needs Huge work and minimum profit in the End ? Have you Tried All Turnkey Websites but having no Profit Whatsoever Promised while Buying?
    If you said “YES!”
    then we are here to provide you . A Hot New and Demanding Business to Earn right from the very first day.Legit Looking Fully Maintained Promising Website.
    No Skills Needed to Run this Business Even you donot know About SEO or Anything Else, Our Suppliers will work for You, you have to sit back and relax.
    If You Know How to E-mail then you can run this Business very Well. Just you have to promote The site . Full Guide to run the website will provided to the new Owner.Website is Completely outsorced. Suppliers have to work for you.

    Website Features:

    Website developed in php or DW containing 6 pages lite in weight Easy in operating
    Landing Page: Having Beautiful graphics, Topclass Logo, Some Description About Our Services Having Nice and beautiful Rotating SlideShow.
    All Services Pages : Having Buy PlusOnes,Buy Facebook Fans, Buy Twitter Followers and Buy Youtube Views Pages, Traffic Visitors, Edu Backlinks, Articles.
    About Us Page: To show Our Customers who we are and what we do how is Our Quality Pictures added to make it more legit you can add you pictures also.
    FAQ's: All the Frequently asked questions are answered on this Page.

    Lets See Website Rates,Supplier Rates and Your Profit:

    We are offering Following

    Google Plus Ones Packages

    Website Rate: 250 +1 votes: 29$ Suppliers Rate: 15$ Your Profit: 30$
    Website Rate: 500 +1 votes: 99$ Suppliers Rate: 35$ Your Profit: 64$
    Website Rate: 1000 +1 votes: 149$ Suppliers Rate: 60$ Your Profit: 89$
    Website Rate: 5000 +1 votes: 249$ Suppliers Rate: 130$ Your Profit: 119$
    Website Rate:10,000 +1 votes:499$ Suppliers Rate: 199$ Your Profit 300$

    Facebook Fans:
    Website Rate:1000 Fans:45$ Suppliers Rate: 12$ Your Profit: 33$
    Website Rate:3000 Fans :120$ Suppliers Rate: 35$ Your Profit: 95$
    Website Rate:5000 Fans:160$ Suppliers Rate: 55$ Your Profit: 115$
    Website Rate:10,000 Fans:299$ Suppliers Rate: 100$ Your Profit: 199$

    Targeted Twitter Followers:
    Website Rate:1000 Followers:17$ Suppliers Rate: 8$ Your Profit: 9$
    Website Rate:2000 Followers:27$ Suppliers Rate: 15$ Your Profit: 12$
    Website Rate:5,000 Followers:47$ Suppliers Rate: 32$ Your Profit:15$
    Website Rate:10,000 Followers:97$ Suppliers Rate: 58$ Your Profit: 39$

    YouTube Views:
    Website Rate:1000 Views:9$ Suppliers Rate: 5$ Your Profit: 4$
    Website Rate:5000 Views:27$ Suppliers Rate: 20$ Your Profit: 7$
    Website Rate:10,000 Views:47$ Suppliers Rate: 10$ Your Profit:37$
    Website Rate:20,000 Views:87$ Suppliers Rate: 20$ Your Profit: 67$
    Website Rate:30,000 Views:127$ Suppliers Rate: 30$ Your Profit: 97$

    Website Visitors:

    Website Rate:2,000 Visitors:17$ Suppliers Rate: 5$ Your Profit: 12$
    Website Rate:5,000 Visitors:27$ Suppliers Rate: 5$ Your Profit: 22$
    Website Rate:10,000 Visitors:47$ Suppliers Rate: 7$ Your Profit: 40$
    Website Rate:20,000 Visitors:97$ Suppliers Rate: 12$ Your Profit: 85$
    Website Rate:50,000 Visitors:197$ Suppliers Rate: 30$ Your Profit: 167$

    Website Rate:1 Article :10$ Suppliers Rate: 5$ Your Profit: 5$
    Website Rate:2 Articles:17$ Suppliers Rate: 10$ Your Profit: 7$
    Website Rate:5 Articles:37$ Suppliers Rate: 20$ Your Profit: 17$
    Website Rate:20 Articles:147$ Suppliers Rate: 80$ Your Profit: 67$

    Edu Backlinks:
    Website Rate:40 edu backlinks:30$ Suppliers Rate: 15$ Your Profit: 15$
    Website Rate:80 edu backlinks:55$ Suppliers Rate: 25$ Your Profit: 30$
    Website Rate:120 edu backlinks:105$ Suppliers Rate: 42$ Your Profit: 63$
    Website Rate:240 edu backlinks:169$ Suppliers Rate: 78$ Your Profit: 111$

    You can Clearly See Huge Profit on Each Package and we almost cover all Packages to make it Company Based Website. You Can Earn Upto 300$/Sale.
    Everything is Editable in the Website You can change the Prices also.if you want

    This website is not an ordinary website. Much More people are willing to Google Plus One, Facebook Fans Twitter Followers , Website Visitors and Youtube Views. Awsome Designed website can take your Profits upto next level . So run this business sensibly and Earn some good cash. A very handy Guide will be Provided to the New Owner How to market and Promote this Website.

    You will be in business immediately from day one.
    BIN Bonus: ***** Buy it Now ***** (BIN Bonus Value $315)
    You will get Complete GUIDE "How to Run Turnkey websites" ($50)
    You will get 300 High PR9-6 Backlinks to Boost SERP's. ($60)
    You will get 5000 Visitors Initially to Promote Your Business. ($10)
    You will get Complete Transfer of Your website with your Paypal codes. ($30)
    Help till You make Your First Sale.
    100$ Adwords Voucher Free for your best Advertisement. ($100)
    45 .edu or .gov Backlinks (White Hat SEO) ($35)

    ***** Buy it Now ***** ***** Buy it Now ***** ***** Buy it Now *****

    Auction Winner will Get:
    Domain or Brand – www.PlusOnesSale.com
    Transfer All Files Graphics Design and Videos. (Top Design Unique template)
    Supplier Contact Information with backup Supplier.( Cheapest Professional Suppliers Included No hassle whatsoever )
    Plus Full technical Support, Tips to run this Business and Making Sales!
    Transfer of website Included.

    You will have the Namecheap Account to transfer Domain and Hosting to host website Files. Hosting can be shared for 1 month
    Why I am Selling ?
    I Generally make Profitable Websites with new ideas to gain Maximum Profit and keep in mind Demanding Business. So in Result i created this website. Ready to make Some Serious Cash.
    Watch me for More Profitable Websites.

    Payment From Credit Card, paypal , MoneyBookers and Western Union only.
    Only Serious Bidders Please.​
    usama18, Feb 3, 2012 IP
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    $20 to buy. interested boss?
    louischok, Feb 16, 2012 IP