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7 days after Google cache - still not found in Google for unique text

Discussion in 'SEO' started by t2dman, Sep 8, 2008.

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    Google has cached a page 2 Sept 08, and still when I take some unique text from that cached copy and search for it in quotes, Google says that it can't find that unique text. Now 9 Sept 08.

    What is the longest that you have found for Google to take to get the data spread around its data centres?

    The website has been SEO'ed for Auckland Apartments. They got hit with websites copying the text of their page around their search phrases, and went from top ten to 90+ for the search phrase. I then made the meta description and page content unique.
    • no-one else has copied the new content
    • Google is still not ranking the homepage properly for the main search phrase - its like while the page has been cached, it is basing search on another data centre. However, when I search, then check that datacentres cache, the text is on there.
    • The homepage ranks fine for other phrases
    I wrote a case study on the duplicate content issue on my SearchMasters website - Sites disappearing from Google - all sux, but makes sense.

    Whats happening????? What is your experience with this?
    t2dman, Sep 8, 2008 IP
  2. monsur

    monsur Well-Known Member

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    My site cargarden.net is not found on google.Google has deleted it from its database.Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
    monsur, Aug 5, 2009 IP