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Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by nvtellan, Sep 19, 2008.

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    Check out this site.
    It's similar to the other big sites like myspace, only it PAYS US to create a profile and invite friends, businesses contacts, and anyone else you want to stay connected with.

    If you only do one thing to better your lifestyle, join this site today and manage your new found wealth! By the way, it's totally free.

    There is No Minimum pay out- pay is every 2 weeks on friday.

    To get a better idea of how simple this is and how much money you can earn check out this slide show (http://www.6dgr.com/6dgr_Explanation.pdf)

    If you have any questions take a quick look at the FAQ's (http://www.6dgr.com/index.php?mode=help)

    info for international member
    Tell people you know about this site. If you know 10 people share this to them. The key here is Duplication. Teach your people to do the same.

    You will find your link in your Home Page and Profile page. They do not send your link in the email.

    If you are a NON USA resident, your link will be set up a few weeks from now.
    Two weeks from now, it will be opened Internationally. You can invite people from other countries. Non US residents will have their own ATM/debit card from Etrade. Just promote your link and your payment will be on pending until your card is ready.


    Compensation plan 6DGR program:

    Here's how it works:
    The pay works like this. You get $4/$3/$2 for 1st/2nd/3rd level referrals that sign up for a free WAMU account. 6dgr will put $1 it takes to activate the account, which takes about 10 days to post w/ WAMU. It activates it right way, one can put $1 in when signing up and will get the other $1 from 6dgr in 10 days into the account.

    For those who currently have a WAMU account or can't get one - we only get $2/$1/$1 for the initial referral fees.

    The pay is deposited 1/2 into the WAMU account and 1/2 into the 6dgr card. If they don't have a WAMU card, all the pay is going to be deposited into the 6dgr debit card.

    For every $100 each of the referrals use on purchases or cashout, we make a residual of $2/$1.75/$1.25.

    So if you just find 10 referrals and each of your downline referrals getting 10 more referrals a month, you'll make about $2,500 assuming they all open a new wamu account. If they can't get a WAMU account, you actually get more in monthly residuals since all of their pay is deposited into the 6dgr debit card and not just 1/2.

    Ten each for a month is not hard to do. So the income of 10/10/10 is not out of sight. If you need advertising tools, just let me know. I advertise to a lot of safelists, traffic exchanges and social sites that I belong to.

    Why is 6dgr able to offer such high payouts? All the other social sites only rely on advertising to generate revenues. Then a% of that is divided up to millions and you have people making pennies. 6dgr gets revenue in 3 ways - when new accounts are open w/ WAMU, 1/2% on their debit card as rebate and advertising. With the structure 6dgr has, they will grow faster and enjoy more revenue to the owners to offer more services and other ways for us members to make money. They are looking at credit cards and other options as well.

    FYI - Insider news.

    They are coding the debit card interface now. They are about a week or so from bringing the video section online. Everyone is focused on that at the moment.

    It looks like they will have an international solution in the next week or 2. I think they are going to roll out the debit card, international solution and about 14 other affiliates in the middle of Sept. They now have insurance from AIG and US Preventive Medicine, travel from travelocity and priceline, phone service from tmobile and verizon, .......

    You will get paid every time someone uses the service from 6dgr. Book a trip, generates money. Get health insurance, generates money. Send flowers, generates money. Mega residual on many products, not just one!

    SIGN UP HERE using my sponsor link so we both get credit and stay connected


    Please type Von on the field asking if you have been invited by someone you know. Then click on 'Seach Username' to find me.

    Thank you!
    nvtellan, Sep 19, 2008 IP